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Operation: BOMB iTunes.

Posted at 3:22 AM on January 19th, 2009 by Alex

Sure, I’m biased.  I play bass for the band.  

That doesn’t change the fact, though, that what we’re trying to do has the chance to have a huge impact on Independent music EVERYWHERE.  

Two weeks ago my band, The Eastern Gate, released our first album on Amazon MP3.  It had been a long delay, and due to financial reasons we weren’t even able to get the album mastered.  We were all out of energy on the project, so the only promotion we did was the day of the release, and amounted to setting up a MySpace page and a Facebook event.  We expected maybe a few would notice the event and buy the album.  A few did.

Soon, those few had not only listened to our sample tracks and bought the album, but they’d also told all of their friends.  Apparently some of those friends also told their friends too.  By 6PM we were at #200 on the Amazon MP3 Top Selling Albums of the day.  To put that in perspective, we ended the day right below “Elvis’ Greatest Hits” and right above “Hot Fuss” by “The Killers”.  

Let me say that again.  We ended the day ABOVE “Hot Fuss” by “The Killers”.

Other bands we were beating out?  To name a few: “Master of Puppets” by “Metallica, “Rattle and Hum” by “U2″, and “Hotel California” by “The Eagles”.  

Somehow, the word-of-mouth of our friends and fans was more powerful than the multi-million dollar marketing machine of the record labels owning those albums.  

Well, as you’ve probably gathered, I have a theory that word-of-mouth is back to stay.  That “somehow” is the internet and other connected technologies.  As long as we can all communicate with each other in near real time, we can create that explosive mob-mentality.  And with the current set of those connected technologies, we are ALL potentially connected at a moments notice.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets it yet, though.  People with amazing abilities are working other jobs full-time just to get by, because they can’t make any money off of their true talent.  Bands that “have what it takes” are still signing contracts with big record labels that only give them 10% of their sales.  Sometimes they aren’t even allowed to play their own music if they don’t get the label’s OK.  

Well, as far as I’m concerned, it has to stop.  It isn’t a technological barrier anymore, it is an ignorance barrier.  Put bluntly - the general population still doesn’t believe an artist can make it or is worth buying if they aren’t backed by a mega marketing machine.

I say it’s time to change that.  All we need is proof.

Today — Monday, January 19th, 2009 — The Eastern Gate is attempting to rewrite the history books for independent music EVERYWHERE.  We’re going to BOMB iTunes.

For the last four or five days we’ve been gathering as many people as we can to buy the album from the world’s most-watched music retailer (iTunes) on THE SAME DAY.  By telling everyone we can, and getting them to tell everyone they know, we’re hoping good ol’ word-of-mouth will put us on the iTunes Top 100 Albums Chart.  If this happens, we have a story worth repeating.  We’ve proved that Amazon wasn’t a fluke, and that an indepedent artist really can go from no-name to chart-busting in a matter of weeks without the backing of a record label.  

That is the type of story that encouragement and hope for other artists is made from.  

So, here’s the question: will you help us?

Check out our website and listen to our tunes.  If you like what you hear, will you tell others and consider buying the album?  

Thanks for listening.  Vids below.

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