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Posted at 10:47 PM on September 23rd, 2009 by Alex

Hey TID folks —

Believe it or not, I AM still alive :P  I’ve just shifted off to a new phase of life, and this is my attempt to drag with me!  Bare with me — I think it’s appropriate.

When I started TID, the goal was to focus on encouraging and inspiring independence and creativity.  Here’s a quick refresher: Our 21st century world is largely one of just mundane improvements on the same-old-thing.  That’s great: we need computers to continually get faster and cars to get better gas mileage.  Unfortunately, it’s too pervasive.  We also need ground-breaking, paradigm shifting innovation - and I’m afraid we’re too focused on the details to see those game-changing plans.

My goal with this blog was to explore and inspire that extra level - that creativity - in every area of life.  I’m a firm believer that best way to make sure you are open and receptive to the muse of creativity and innovation is to appease it.  That is, the way to get more great ideas is to do something with the great ideas you already have. That’s why I focus so much on independence from the man, the machine, and the societal & cultural expectations placed on us.  The only way we get to act on our most creative moments is if we aren’t worrying about conforming to some set of norms.

Now that my little rant is over, here’s the shift that’s been happening in my life: I’ve been embracing that part about doing something with those ideas (no matter how small or BIG), and am redirecting my life from freelance artist to entrepreneur.  I have a few ideas driving me crazy that are just too big for me to handle alone (and the muse keeps telling me they HAVE to be done).  I’ve been accepted into Bizdom U and am currently training & learning from some of the best business minds in the world.  The end goal is simple: I’m on my way to becoming equipped with the tools and skills to make some big ideas happen (and hopefully make the world better for at least a few people in the process).  Oh - and snag some funding too :)

As a result, you’ll be seeing some changes around here.  TID will be getting a face-lift in the next few weeks, and a good portion of my articles will shift a little bit more in the business direction.  Don’t worry: I’m still an artist and designer to the core - I’m just finding a slightly different way to execute on those whispers from my muse. :)  Stay tuned, and as always: feel free to leave some comments below!

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2 Responses to “STILL ALIVE!”

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  2. Sophie Henson22 Says:

    I hope it all goes well for you. I know where you are at because i an also moving into a nea area of business but is is pretty tough going at the moment.

    I have been studing lots of gurus on the net and learning some of their secrets.

    I must say i love your blog. Great layout.

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